Soundcloud Downloader for mac

Simple UI

A very basic user interface to download music directly from soundcloud.com to your mac!
Do you have a soundcloud account? Soundcloud Downloader can automatically download all of your favorites automatically

Simultaneous downloads

Download up to 5 songs at the same time to your mac. Theres a accurate progress bar and a cancel button to cancel the download at any time. After the download is complete, you can easily find the downloaded file on your mac by pressing the magnification button next to the progress bar.

Built in Soundcloud browser

An integrated browser into soundcloud downloader lets you download directly inside of the application itself without having to open your browser.
Also you can preview any song directly from the application itself before you download it.

push notifications

Push notifications

Push notifications are integrated into SCD so you know when your downloads are finished!

Download a set of songs in one go

With SCD you can download a entire set of songs by just copy pasting the URL to the set of songs and all the downloads will start!

Can I have it now?

Sure, there is a download available for Mac OS X 10.8 and above
Soundcloud Downloader for mac is free to download and also use. You are abel to donate towards me (minimum 1 CHF) to get rid of the message when you quit SCD.

Mac 10.8+

(v. 2.7.5)


* By clicking this button, you agree to this MIT license

Full version history here

What about soundcloud?

Soundcloud isn't too happy as you could maybe imagine about my app. They would like to have my website offline. They set me a deadline to take down my website or app. I did take down the website for a week and told them that I did so. They never replied.
Just to show you how long I've been waiting for emails for them, with reminding them that I have written to them.
I'm going to keep this website up until they manage to reply to my email.

In total I've been waiting 1185 days and counting for trust@soundcloud to respond...

How could I support you?

You could send out a tweet about how awesome SCD is.

You can also donate some money to me if you find this downloader useful. If you do so, you will get a key, to get rid of the message when you quit SCD.

You also help me out, so I can develop more apps for you & free updates!
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