Why donate?

Do you like the software I wrote? If you would like to support me and help make the software even better, then please make a small donation towards this free software. Soundcloud downloader is free, but I spent a lot of my free time in writing the code.  The money will be used to keep me going and to make my applications rock you.
You will also get a key for SCD, which will hide all donation messages.

Please note, a minimum of 1CHF is required to get the key for SCD

If you are having trouble downloading with SCD, then please update to SCD 2.7.0 or newer!


Donate 1.00 CHF (via PayPal)

Please note that an email will be sent to your PayPal email address. If for any reason this email address can't receive any emails anymore leave a Note/Instruction on PayPal at checkout with your new email. I will send you another mail as soon as I can.
If you have any other questions, just send me a mail: birdicode@gmail.com
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