Reporting bugs & features

Please upgrade to SCD 2.6.5 (or newer)!

Soundcloud has updated some thing in the background which means all Versions except SCD 2.6.5 (or newer) won't work anymore. Most likley the internal SCD updater will not work anymore and you will have to download SCD again from here:

Reporting bugs

If you do find a bug, the please do report it, so I can fix it for everyone! Also if you have a great idea on how to improve SCD, let me know about it! You can send me a mail to You can also send me a tweet to: @Birdicode

Tip: Check if there is a update available before writing a mail! Click here to see how

Please do provide enough information about the bug, so I can reproduce it! Here is an example mail:

Hello Sean,

I found a bug in SCD 2:
 Version: 2.X.X
 macOS: 10.XX.X
 Description: The app will crash when trying to download the URL 'XY'. I've attached the crash log.

 Would be great if you could fix it!


I'll try to reply and fix the bug as soon as I can! - Please remember that this is a hobby of mine and firends, work & school come before the app.

crash logs

It's always great to have a crash log. So please attach one if you have it!

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