Custom ClientID

As of the SCD 2.7.0, you can use a custom clientID to access the resources on This can be usefull, if you want to do some testing with your own client ID or if the app does actually break and you want to have a quick fix. SCD will check, in the order presented in the flowchart, the ClientIDs at each launch. If it finds one that is invalid, it will disable it and try with the next one. If no ClientIDs are avaliable anymore, SCD will not be able to download anything and I will manually update the app to get it working again.

You can see a flowchart below, on how SCD decides which ClientID to use.

  • Custom ClientID:
    You can change this

  • Shared ClientID:
    A ID, which SCD can retrieve from my webserver for easy new ClientID distribution

  • Standard ClientID:
    This is the ClientID which is used in a normal scenario

  • SC-Web ClientID:
    SCD will go out and try to fetch a new ClientID directly from

Setting your own ClientID

You can change the Custom clientID by entering the following command into the URL/Search bar in SCD: clientID=XYZ. Replace the XYZ with your own ClientID.

After entering your clientID and hitting the return key, SCD will check if it is a valid ClientID and return it via a notification:

Valid Invalid

If you want to remove your custom ClientID, you can simply enter clientID= without a ClientID attached. Hit enter and you should be all okay again.

If you run the Connection tester, you can see all the entered ClientIDs (After clicking the "Check Connections"):
Connection tester with clientIDs


Finally, here is the flowchart on how SCD decides which ClientID to use:
401 error -> Access denied due to false ClientID

Created with Raphaël 2.1.4New RequestCustom ClientIDReturns 401?Shared ClientIDReturns 401?Standard ClientIDReturns 401?SC-Web ClientIDReturns 401?Error / No DownloadingGet Data from SCyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesnoyesno

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